Everyone has 24 hours in a day to spend of our choosing. For some, it feels like a rushed frenzy of activity with not enough hours to complete all the tasks that need to be done. For others, it may drag on endlessly, with no purpose, a mindless wander in the desert like the Israelites looking for the promised land.


For me, the days feel like a frenzy, the frenetic pace of trying to do everything I have to do and squeeze in some of the things I want to and make some time to greet each sunrise and bid adieu the sunset. This feeling of passing time is so wonderfully illustrated by photographer Fong Qi Wei in his series, Time in Motion. Time in Motion is a followup of Wei’s previous series, Time in Dimension where he time-sliced numerous images of landscapes/cityscapes around Shanghai into a single print. In this series, Wei features dozens of individual images looped together into a gif that shows the shimmery movement of a day.



The images were created by taking numerous photos at the exact same spot at various times of the day. He then stitched the individual frames together into time slices and animates them into what you see below. As he warns on his site, “the following GIFs flicker, so he does not hold responsibility for any adverse health effects by staring at it for prolonged periods of time.”

But I cannot help it, they are truly mesmerizing.

TIme-in-motion-8 TIme-in-motion-4 TIme-in-motion-2


You can see many more of these amazing images on Fong Qi Wei’s website here. For all inquiries regarding owning prints or collaborations contact ask@fqwimages.com

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