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Social Media for Photography: 4 Reasons to Start Using Flickr Again

By Nihar Sawant on April 24th 2014

When it comes to growing your business, social media can be really helpful to get potential customers. This article is a part of a larger series, aimed to educate and provide you information on how to leverage Social Media for Photography. In this article, we will focus on Flickr but you can read previous article on 500px from this series.

Since the rise of 500px, Flickr has lost many photographer’s interest. People moved to 500px on very large scale and almost stopped using Flickr. But since Marissa Mayer took over the realm of Yahoo last year, one of her core focuses was to make ‘Flickr cool again.’ With a recent update in the Flickr iOs and Android apps, many have started to think of going back to Flickr. There are several photographers still use Flickr on regular basis, in fact, those same photographers recommend to focus solely on blogging and Flickr.

Here are 4 reasons why you should go back to Flickr again to share your work:

1. SEO

Many photographers still use Flickr because of the high ‘Search Engine Optimization’ rankings. For those who are not aware of ‘Search Engine Optimization’ a.k.a SEO, it is the process of affecting a webpage’s visibility in search results. The better the SEO, the more chances of your webpage appearing on top of search results. And the higher your site stays in search results, the more visitors you will get. This is the place where Flickr comes into picture. Flickr gives you higher SEO than anything else (except for blogging). Many photographers claim that Blogging and Flickr are the reason why people discover more about their work. If you are interested in getting higher discoverability via SEO, then Flickr is the place you should look.

2. Groups

The best way to learn photography is to go out and shoot. The second best way is to join an  online community of like-minded people and this is where Flickr Groups is the place worth looking. Spamming is the biggest concern of Facebook to 500px. Fellow members like your work, so that you can ‘like-back’ their work. And this is where the true value of community reduces. But with Flickr, quality groups exist where you can share your work and people do respond back with better critique which will help you to improve your photography.

Flickr Group

3. Mobile Apps

Flickr’s mobile apps are one of the slickest and finest photography apps you will ever come across. Flickr did come late to the mobile business, but its Mobile App is much better than Instagram. You can not only get a wide range of filters and easy interface, but it has the right combination of social media and professional photography. Its editor is filled with ability to change histogram with easy to use filters. You can also find EXIF data of a photo, which attracts many a photographer’s eye. Along with such advanced features, it has the right set of social features which makes it easy to discover and follow interesting photographers from around the globe.

Watch the launch video of Flickr 3.0:

 4. 1 TB of Free Storage

What can delight photographers more than free storage? No other social network provides 1 TB of storage for free without compressing your photos. You can save almost 500,000 photos on Flickr without paying a dime, isn’t it cool?

1TB Storage


Flickr is not dead, it is reincarnated and Yahoo’s executive team is taking efforts to improve the product to make it cool again. Many photographers are going back to Flickr.

What are your thoughts? Will you go back to Flickr? Let us know in comments.

PS – I am also working on a startup called Expojure, which helps photographers to organize their photos on social media. So if you are frustrated or too busy to maintain online accounts on 500px, Facebook, Flickr etc. you must try Expojure. It will definitely ease your work.

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Software Developer, Self-taught Designer, iPhone Photographer and Co-Founder of Expojure. He is currently “On a mission to rescue world in context of web.” Read more about him: – here.

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  1. cherestes janos

    My first photo was sold on flick and printed in 5k Flyers then my passion for photography started to be also my small business, but the space that flicker gave us was to small but now the 1 TB is a blessing. The new look is so great and fast on android device and pc. Thumbs up for Flickr and SLRLounge

    | |
  2. Jesse Rinka

    I am definitely a huge fan of Flickr and especially so since they made those significant upgrades to the site and mobile app. The large amount of free storage is also tough to beat.

    | |
  3. Eric Sharpe

    My problem is what to post where, and when. We need a article on that! :D

    | |

    hey i must say this article has helped me a lot i never knew about most things on flickr till i came across this article and it has won my heart

    | |
  5. Tyler Brown

    My two biggest clients came from a quick snapshot from my local downtown I posted to flickr tagged simply “Downtown Huntsville.” That single photo has resulted in a relationship which brings me several jobs a year from two non-profits that are more than happy to pay my rates.

    | |
  6. Michal

    I’m afraid your first point might need updating as 500px has recently introduced changes that – with time – will give photographers much better SEO exposure than Flickr. Unless Flickr changes its URLs too. I’ve written about it on my blog

    | |
  7. Johann Helgason

    Just joined exposjure, nice idea but so far i have only been able to link facebook with it, flickr and 500px just give an undefined error 404 . Since Facebook is the last place I want to send my pictures to it isnt very usefull as of yet.

    Good idea though.

    | |
  8. Nathan

    Just thought i’d say, I just started using Expojure. Only uploaded one photo just to test it out. I have a feeling i’m going to love it. I have a FB page, Flickr account and a 500px account, so Expojure is really going to help.

    | |