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Tim Tadder’s Awesome Water Wigs Shoot

By fotosiamo on August 23rd 2012

Water Wigs by Tim Tadder

Water Wigs by Tim Tadder

Tim Tadder is fast becoming one of my favorite commercial photographers with his highly imaginative photos like his Fish Heads series. Tim just finished another great new photo project called Water Wigs that takes water and high speed photography to a whole new level.

Tim rounded up some awesome bald guys and proceeded to throw or explode water balloons on them to create water wigs. He used laser and sound trigger to capture the images at the right moment. Lighting-wise, he used strobe lights gelled with triads of color to freeze the water motion and create the very colorful look to the image. Add the fantastic expressions of his models and the result is simply fantastic and quite original.

And even the captions are both hilarious and fitting, with names like “The Don King,” “The Conquistador,” “The Jesus” and “The Friar.”

Be sure to check out all of the images on

You can see more of Tim’s work on his website,

Water Wigs by Tim Tadder

Water Wigs by Tim Tadder

Water Wigs by Tim Tadder

Thanks to PetaPixel for the link.

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Joe is a fashion and commercial photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. He blends creativity and edge with a strong style of lighting and emotion in his photographs.

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  2. Ed Rhodes

    okay, these made me laugh. very clever

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  3. Anthony McFarlane

    This is epic! Now the question will my wife stand still while I throw water at her…

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