Variable Neutral Density filters are one item that I feel like almost all photographers should have in their gear bag. These allow you to shoot your lens wide open, even in direct sunlight. They can also be a lifesaver for video shooters who need to have shutter speeds around 60 even in bright sunlight.

The problem, they can be expensive for good brands. But today we have a great deal on 77mm and 82mm Tiffen branded variable neutral density filters, this deal is part of B&H’s NAB deal specials and is only valid today!

Tiffen Variable Neutral Density Filter


  • Provides 2 to 8 Stops of Light Control
  • Rotating Ring to Choose Degree of ND
  • Eliminates Buying Many ND Filters
  • Use to Create Blurs/Special Effects
  • Use With Film or Digital
  • Wide Outer Ring Reduces Vignetting
  • Black Aluminum Filter Ring
  • ColorCore Glass
  • Made in the USA
  • 10-Year Warranty

As I said above, the deal is currently on the 77mm and 82mm filters. But with the use of step up rings, I would still get one of these even if you don’t have lenses with 77 or 82mm filter threads.

You can get the 77mm filter here for $40 Off, or the 82mm filter here for $60 off!