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Throwback Thursdays: 11/7/13

By Joseph Cha on November 7th 2013

You’ve had a busy week and maybe you missed some of the great articles we posted. Don’t worry, we got you covered. In this week’s “Throwback Thursdays” we’re going to be looking at this past weeks inspirational articles, tutorials, and gear announcements.

News and Inspiration

 Grandma and her Cat


One of my favorite things about photography is the ability to document everyday things. One picture of Misao and Fukumaru would be adorable, but a set of photos tells a story of their relationship and how close the grandma and cat are. Check out the article and full set of photos here.


Life’s End Documented by Kindred Spirits Hospice Photography


Eager photographers all over the world capture the births of countless babies per year. Life’s beginning is such a miracle, it’s worthy of being documented for the benefit of future generations. But what about the end of one’s life? Who is photographing that part of the journey? 


Man Argues Upskirt Photos are Protected Under First Amendment


In 2010, Michael Robertson, an Andover man was arrested for allegedly using his cell phone and taking photos up women’s skirts (or “up-skirting”) without their consent or knowledge. He is being charged with two counts of photographing an unsuspecting nude or partially nude person on Boston’s Green Line subway.


Brian McCarthy’s “War Toys” 


Photographer Brian McCarthy’s project called “War Toys” looks at war from a unique point of view, from the perspective of children. Using the techniques of expressive art therapy, McCarthy had children living in war and conflict zones draw out their experiences and memories.


Former Air Force Nurse Turns Into Award Winning Fine Art Photographer 


Deb Schwedhelm has never taken a photography or art class. So how did she turn herself from an Air Force Nurse to an Award Winning Fine Art Photographer? The answer is simple, she worked with what she loved, and she worked hard.



 The Horror of Child Marriage: Child Brides


When I think of a Bride, I imagine a happy woman who’s been planning a wedding for months, and who’s surrounded by people she loves. In many societies, marriage is a joyous occasion between two consenting adults who can’t wait to spend their lives together. Unfortunately in some places in the world, that is not the case. Warning: Graphic Content


Tips and Tutorials

Wedding Photography Efficiency Tips

Youtube ThumbnailWe know that as photographers we have a lot to do to prepare for a wedding shoot. We’ll cover ways to help you be more efficient for the wedding day. Check out our video giving tips on how to be more efficient for a wedding shoot.



How to Create Warm or Cool Fades in Lightroom

tealapricotIn this tutorial we’re going to go over how to make 2 different stylized looks for 1 photo. The Lightroom Presets v5 is a versatile system that can help you achieve many different stylized looks for your images. We will be using the Vivid Stylized Presets to create a more vivid or high contrast look, and complimenting that look with a Curve preset that will stylize our photos.

 Do It Yourself Newborn Photography | How We Shot It

newborn-photography-how-we-shot-it Do It Yourself Newborn Photography and How we shot it. In this article we’ll show you how to shoot great newborn portraits on a budget.



 How to Use a Reflector as a Gobo or Scrim 

using-reflector-as-scrim-1In the previous tutorials, we’ve discussed using a reflector as a main light and getting the perfect fill light while using a reflector. In this tutorial, we’ll focus on the third primary technique for how we use reflectors, Using the Reflector as a Scrim.



 Nikon Df Announcement 

SLR-Lounge-Nikon-DF-pairThe new Nikon Df Dslr has been an exciting announcement in the world of photography. Check out all the info here!




 Sony A7r Low Light Performance Test

Sony a7 a7R Low-light performanceWe took out the new Sony A7R and tested it’s low light performance. Check out the results here!




 Movi: The Gamechanger

movifeaturedimageThe more videos I see of the Movi Freefly system, the more I’m convinced it’s a magical device that is opening up new ways to capture footage. Here we have two very different videos using the Movi. One is a commercial for the World Cup, and the other is a documentary of the RedBull Dreamline.


Introducing the Profoto B1

Profoto-B1-off-camera-flash-4Profoto has just announced the first of its kind, a studio strobe monolight that has TTL metering and is completely cordless.


I’m a photographer and cinematographer based in Southern California. When I don’t have a camera in my face I enjoy going to the movies and dissecting the story telling and visual aesthetics.

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