Last week in the Mastering Wedding Photography Facebook Group, we talked all about “Men’s Foundation Posing”. In short, the idea is to stop posing and start directing.. Be sure to join us if you want to be part of the discussion.

In the meantime, I want to talk about three simple steps you can implement when shooting groom prep that can quickly help you make more interesting images.

1 – Stop Always Shooting at Eye Level

More specifically, stop always shooting at YOUR eye level. So many times I see images from a photographer where over the course of 5 or so images, I can instantly tell how tall they are. That’s because their angle of view never changes. The problem with this is that you are not giving the viewer any type of visual variation. It’s also impossible to get the perfect composition if your camera is stuck at the same height for the entire day.

2 – We Want to See The Eyes

For 90 percent of the time a groom is getting ready, he is looking down. So when I go through images from photographers, it makes sense that 90 percent of the images show the top of the groom’s head. Especially given the circumstances in tip number one. This is a perfect situation where you not only need to get low, but you may need to even lay on the ground. Not only will this give you a perspective where you can see the eyes, but you will look like a hard-working rock star for your trouble.

3 – Show What it Feels Like

Most of the wedding day is spent shooting moments head-on as they happen. While this isn’t a bad thing in the least. We need to remember to show what some of these moments feel like for the person you are shooting. What this means is reminding them what those moments look like for THEM. Not just showing them what the moment looked like for everyone else. To do this we need to take images from the subjects point of view. Think about what they are seeing and show that as best you can. Sometimes this may be shooting over their shoulder or it may just mean taking an image that is similar to their perspective.

This Week

This week in the Mastering Wedding Photography Group, we are talking about “Women’s foundation posing”. If you’re interested in mastering wedding photography, be sure to check out our course and join the conversation in the Facebook group. I’d love to hear what you think about the three tips in this article.