Laura and I are always looking for ways to set our photography company apart from everyone else. Recently, we have been working with 3 newer startups to provide our clients with premium products. We want the products that we offer to our clients to really represent us as well as increase the “Wow” factor.  These 3 companies have really helped us do just that! We wanted to do a small review of the products we use and why we use them.

Iron Two Six | Art For Your Art

photography company apart

Iron Two Six is a brand new startup framing/canvas company based in New Jersey. It is owned and operated by Drew Noel from Drew Noel Photography. When I first saw his product, I was really excited because I had never seen anything else like it. I was curious about the process, so I reached out to Drew to see how he started the company and how he makes these crazy cool frames. As you can see from the image, these are steel frames with a free hanging, hand torn canvas in the middle. Drew hand makes each of these frames! He then weathers them to compliment the image using water/heat/salt.

product image small -3

The above image shows how the canvas is hung within the steel frame. I was worried the canvas would start to roll up over time. I have had my print for a few months now and it hasn’t started to curl at all. You can see they use a fastener and copper wire to mount the canvas in the frame.

product image small -4

product image small -6

(Images by Elliot Reynolds)

On the back side, you can see the wall mounts. Each custom frame comes with the exact measurements for the mount placement and how far apart they are from each other. So all you do is put 2 nails in the wall and hang it up!

How We Use Iron Two Six

Drew has patented these frames so he is the only one you can purchase them from. We love how exclusive these frames are. Our clients love them and so do their friends and family. They get everyone talking and spreading our name. These are also a premium product for us, so not every client gets one included in a package. If you want to give them a try you can use promo code SLR1511 at checkout to save 15% on their website.


Blacksmith Albums

With a tag line like “FWPBWP” (For Wedding Photographers, By Wedding Photographers), what isn’t to love about the stunning Blacksmith Albums? If you are looking for a high quality, wow-factor album, this is the one for you! The presentation is amazing as well.

From its creator, Brady Puryear, Blacksmith Albums are guaranteed to wow your clients from first touch, and then again when they lay their eyes on its high-end quality. And probably again and again for the rest of their lives! Based out of California, these craftsmen take pride in their product! Their partnership with companies like Fundy & Smart Albums make them even more user friendly than ever.

LAR_0268 photography company apart LAR_0274 LAR_0287 LAR_0292

(Images by Laura Reynolds)

How We Use Blacksmith Albums

Free Shipping, yes please! They also feature a lightening speed turn around time of 7 days as well as a hefty 30% discount for those studio & duplicate albums. We love the exclusivity of these albums. Yes, they are also extremely well made, but the fact that clients have most likely never seen these albums gives us a little bit of an edge over other vendors. Check them out here.

Chasing Lockets | Gifting

Chasing Lockets was started by husband/wife photography team Lukas and Suzy. They are extremely passionate about helping photographers connect with their clients on a deeper level. You can see their website here. We love this product. It’s just something different and it’s well made. The packaging it arrives in is beautiful. A picture from our clients’ wedding day goes inside as well as on the front. You upload the images to the Chasing Locket’s website and then they take care of the rest. You give them the address and name of the client and they make it, package it, and send it directly to the client. We love getting emails from brides saying how much they love it!

photography company apartproduct image small -11   product image small -14

(Images by Elliot Reynolds)

How We Use Chasing Lockets

We believe that “gifting” our clients has helped set us a part in this industry. After every wedding, we send our bride this locket with images from her day. It’s a surprise for them. We love doing this because it creates a WOW factor and gets the Bride talking about her gift to all her friends. It’s especially amazing when she posts it on Facebook and tags us. This has resulted in lifetime customers and many referrals. Check them out here. Use promo code SLRLOUNGE at checkout for 10% off. This code is good through 9/11 at midnight.


What are you doing to set your company apart from the rest? Comment below.

Feel free to use these or many of the other companies out there. Often times it’s the little things that make a huge difference in your business.