Issues with money, wealth, and pricing all have deep psychological roots. Money can impact our thoughts, behavior, and even self-worth. So when you are pricing your photography business, two factors should come into play – buyer psychology and seller psychology (that’s you!).

Obviously, you need to price high enough to cover your businesses expenses, pay the bills and make a profit so you can live, but the numbers you choose go way beyond what will compel the client to buy. You have to get past your own hurdles about money, and your own self-worth plays a huge part in your pricing strategy.

In their recent CreativeLive course, Sue Bryce and Tiffany Angeles discuss pricing and the things that block us from charging more; getting more and better clients, and making more money. The bottom line is that you think that you are not enough; not good enough, not worthy enough, and a whole bunch of other negative attitudes that you may or may not know you are thinking. This is preventing you from finding more success in your photography business.

“You can’t price yourself when you have no self-worth.” ~ Sue Bryce


In the following video clips from Make More Money and Discover Your Worth, Sue talks about why you aren’t charging what you are worth, and why you can’t price yourself if you don’t value yourself.

When you don’t value who you are, you end up pricing yourself at or below market value which lowers your own value in the marketplace, and you begin to attract clients that you don’t want (the ones looking for a bargain or massive discounts).

All three videos below are a minute or two each, so they will just whet your appetite (I could sit and listen to Sue Bryce for HOURS). If you want more, be sure to grab the course here; it’s currently on sale for $59.


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