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Thoughts On The New Spider Camera Holster Accessories | Spider Monkey & SpiderPro Lens Bag

By Guest Contributor on April 11th 2015

spider-holster-review-4For all you Spider Holster lovers that have not yet purchased the company’s newest accessories, or you are looking for a great holster system, you must check them out now. For the last month or so, I have been using Spider Holster’s new lens pouches and their accessories holster with my Spider Pro belt and I must say, I like the accessories a lot. As a full time wedding photographer that shoots 10-16 hour weddings on average, some of you may understand how I feel about carrying a lens bag or leaving our flashes on our camera all the time. It’s heavy, cumbersome and my back and shoulders are screaming at the end of the day.

spider-holster-review-3Spider Camera Holster Spider Monkey Accessory Holster Kit

The new Spider Monkey Accessory Holster Kit is pretty much like their Spider Holster Camera Lock system but instead, it’s plastic, way smaller and clicks onto your existing belt. You can also use the Spider Monkey if you don’t have a Spider Holster system. It’s designed to fit most belts we wear and clicks on and off with a push of a button making access easy and smooth. The quick release system is simply a stretchable velcro strap that goes around your flash and on the inside of the strap, has double sided tape that sticks to the flash.

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Spider Camera Holster SpiderPro Large Lens Pouch

The SpiderPro Large Lens Pouch is also an addition to my camera gear accessory that I love. It has a zipper on the side so you can unzip and pull out the lens or leave it down a little if you want to be able to pull the lens in and out quicker. It also has a rain cover and like the Accessory Holster, it is compatible with a variety of belts.



Instead of carrying my lens bag throughout the whole day and trying to dig through it to find what I need, everything is now accessible at my hip and within easy reach. Ever since I have switched to the Spider Holster system, I no longer have shoulder pain and it’s less of a hassle moving around in crowded areas. There are a few issues I had with the system, though not big enough issues for me to switch back to lugging around a heavy bag. I’ve found that to use the restroom, the entire belt needed to come off which is inconvenient, especially if you’re in a hurry – and on a wedding day, who isn’t? Also, the belt can get heavy, so make sure your pants are secure or you might find yourself in an embarrassing situation, if you know what I mean!

The system is not perfect, but I can honestly say that I do not see myself using any other system for quite a while. This system has helped me be more efficient and the build quality of their products are great.

If you’re looking for a way to conveniently carry items around and not have to add weight to your camera bag, you definitely should check out the Spider Holster system and their new accessories.

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Alec Nguyen shoots for Lin and Jirsa Photography, is a Designer for SLR Lounge and likes coffee and T-Swift.

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  1. David Burga

    I also use the Pro System on my Think Tank belt for weddings, but for every day use I have the Black Widow and have used it with no problems at all with a 5DMKII and battery grip with a 24-70 2.8 MKII on my own leather belt and carry this everywhere I go.

    | |
  2. Tom Blair

    Looks like robo cop for cameras

    | |
  3. Mark Romine

    Here is nice little accessory for carrying a speed light on your belt:

    | |
    • robert s

      double sided foam tape with a nipple on my $550 SB910 flash?
      yea that looks real secure.

      surely there must be a V2.0 in the works.

      | |
    • Mark Romine

      Robert S, no problem, I hang my SB900 for them all the time. Been using them over a year, no drops. I shoot weddings.

      | |
    • robert s

      better you than me. fingers crossed it holds.

      I ordered a belt with pouches.

      | |
  4. Rob Harris

    Besides a flash and your camera, what do you carry on your belt?

    | |
  5. Stephen Jennings

    I use a Tamrac belt and cases when if I’m spending a lot of time on-site with a lot of gear, with a BlackRapid strap to hold whatever camera I’m using.

    One thing I immediately dislike about the Spider system … gear being left open? Like the flash, just hangin out. Seems like a recipe for disaster, I much prefer having it in a case strapped to my side (with a ton of extra batteries as well).

    It also helps that the Tamrac system is made of water-proof fabric incase of a sudden bit of rain.

    That’s not to say there are not some great things about this system. The ease of swapping out, the open-case for lenses, it looks purdy. I’m sure if I tried this system I’d probably like it, but it’s damn expensive swapping brands for mod systems :P

    | |
  6. robert s

    is this the same spiderpro ?

    curious. theres a huge difference in price there. was searching for a belt to mount different pouches and his came up.

    | |
    • J. Dennis Thomas

      Chinese rip-off.

      | |
    • robert s

      $25 to $135. I thought the black rapid straps are overpriced. Im not looking for a holster. im just looking for a lowepro street and field type waist belt to add pouches to and I found this by accident. I like my old fashioned neck straps.

      but if I was looking for a holster like this, I would buy this without a doubt. if anythings a ripoff, its the original with the price. thats just crazy.

      | |
    • J. Dennis Thomas

      Buy cheap, buy twice.

      Black Rapid is a solid company. I had an accidental failure with a clip and my SB-900 and Nikon 24-70 were damaged. Black Rapid overnighted a new strap, paid for rental gear for the event I was working, and paid for the repair of my gear. All agreed upon in the course of one email with no problem whatsoever.

      Do you think a company from Shen Zen, China is going to give a crap when their cheaply made product fails and your gear goes smashing to the ground? You invest $1000’s of dollars in camera gear and hang it on a $20 belt made by 10 year old slave children?

      | |
    • robert s

      sorry to hear you gear was damaged. when I hear repair it makes me think of a car motor and how its never the same once rebuilt.

      had a black rapid single for two weddings I borrowed from a friend. quality strap. not for me though. the camera was all over the place and it got kneed too many times by the guests at those weddings. when I came to kneel to shoot kids (family formals) the gear slammed to the floor. this spiderpro looks nice. but I just want a belt for some pouches. dont need a holster.

      always important to have good CS after selling a great product!

      | |
  7. Graham Curran

    There’s no perfect system for lugging your gear and accessories around but it’s always interesting to see the different approaches.

    | |
    • J. Dennis Thomas

      Certainly not, that’s why I have 20 bags and about 15 straps, harnesses, and other assorted gadgetry.

      One thing I do recommend staying away from is the Lens Flipper. Sounds like a great idea, but was disastrous for me.

      Check this out:


      | |
    • robert garfinkle

      thanks for the warning… sorry that happened to you…

      | |
    • J. Dennis Thomas


      Really it happened to Sigma, it was their lens and LenFlipper had to pay for it. But, it was bad for my reputation with Sigma and the LensFlipper guys threatened me with legal action if I didn’t pull down the bad review (you can see where that went being the review is still up).

      | |
    • robert garfinkle

      It’s interesting you speak of reviews – here’s mine…

      Any company that threatens to sue someone over a bad review aught to not be in business, period!!! But what’s so bad about the review, let’s replace “bad” with “truthful.” it’s the truth. Is that manufacturer in business to make money by being deceptive, sounds like it.

      LensFlipper = Liars?

      So, in theory, my comment here, based on what I’ve heard, is truthful, yet they’d threaten to sue me…


      | |
  8. J. Dennis Thomas

    I’ve been using the Black Widow for about a year now with my Df and I thinks it’s great for small events.

    | |