When you think of a camera, what comes to mind? Mirrors? Lenses? Flash? Fits in the palm of your hand?

What about NYC Skyscrapers? In fact, what if we told you that you could create a camera using these larger-than-life behemoths people work and live in every day?

YouTube channel, Favorite Child Creative recently released a video of photographer, artist, creator, and teacher—Brendan Barry—doing just that!

Taking a Photo with a Skyscraper

Brendan Barry is a photographer, artist, and educator. And he makes cameras out of interesting things.

“One thing that’s essential to my process is that there be things that could go wrong,” Brendan says while walking around the top floor of the building he’ll be transforming. “It’s exciting that there will be things that probably won’t work or won’t go to plan, and that’s kind of what makes it worthwhile. Problem-solving itself then becomes the creative act.”

Brendan uses elements of construction, performance, and participation in his photography. He’s spent years transforming different objects and environments into working cameras capable of capturing photographic images. He also founded and runs a non-profit organization called Positive Light Projects, where he helps to develop emerging photographers and uses photography to engage with many different audiences and communities.

In this video, it’s simply incredible to see Brendan’s imagination come to life. In the beginning of his career, Brendan says, “I was trying to be a photographer—straight photographer—and I was never really going to kind of make it as that.” It’s true, some people are destined for bigger things than themselves… literally. “What I enjoy most about what I do now,” Brendan says, “is that it combines the three things that I’m most passionate about within photography.”

What are those three things, you ask? “Building cameras, creating images with those cameras, and inviting people into a space that facilitates learning and provides an immersive experience at an experiential level.”

This Skyscraper camera definitely embodies all three.

So check out the video above. It gives great insight into Brendan’s creative process and you might just walk away with a little inspiration. Let us know what you think in the comments below!