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This Is Why You Should Have a License to Use Photoshop | Another Model Maimed

By Hanssie on October 6th 2014

Photoshop. It’s not that hard, folks. Sure, there are many buttons, nodules, adjustment brushes and the like to learn and tinker with, but the basics of Photoshop can be easily mastered, especially for those with access to this thing called the Internet. There are many free Photoshop tutorials and we do our best to showcase many of these here at SLR Lounge.

As a photographer, you have to know how to properly post process an image using Lightroom, Photoshop or another software. Bottom line. And as evidenced with many of these epic Photoshop FAILS, it’s also quite handy to also have a set of eyeballs. Case in point, this little gem I saw yesterday as I was looking for the perfect Halloween costume (just kidding, I don’t dress up…nor could I pull off that wig):

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 4.51.59 PM I mean, it is eBay, so my expectations in their ability to properly edit an image is quite low, but still. What’s wrong with her chin?! And her fingers? Were they that deformed that whomever maimed this poor model needed to “fix” her?


To the person who Photoshopped this image, and to anyone who wants to learn how to Photoshop properly, please allow me to direct you to some solid and FREE Post Processing education:


There are many more Photoshop tutorials here as well as Lightroom tutorials here if you find a free afternoon with nothing to do. Us photographers really should invest some time into learning proper post production to make this world (and eBay) a better place.

If you are looking for an in depth post processing education and you have a couple of bucks to spend, I highly recommend the tutorials from the crew over at Phlearn as well as our Lightroom Workshop DVD, which will provide you with hours of education and seriously the best preset system out there (and I’m not just saying that because I have to. See for yourself!) [via Buzzfeed/eBay]

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Hanssie is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes portrait and wedding photographer. In her free time, she homeschools, works out, rescues dogs and works in marketing for SLR Lounge. She also blogs about her adventures and about fitness when she’s not sick of writing so much. Check out her work and her blog at Follow her on Instagram

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  1. Lynley Byrd

    I am thinking it looks like they tried to blur a watermark or something that was there.

    | |
  2. Kurk Rouse

    I’m a total newbie at photoshop and if I messed up like that I would hit the reset button, that edit would never see the light of day

    | |

    really good photoshop fail

    | |
  4. Andre Queree

    Maybe it just had a glitch on the file save or upload. It’s a bit odd for a Photoshop fail.

    | |
  5. Ben Perrin

    You’ve gotta crawl before you can walk and walk before you can run. I know it looks quite bad but seriously who of us in the past hasn’t abused photoshop. We look back with a cringe or maybe in laughter but we’ve all done things we would never do now. Like Christophe said, it’s only an ebay item. And seriously this is not as bad as the things people do to photos at If that was done for a paying client however I’d have a different take on this.

    | |
  6. | |
  7. christophe parroco

    No offense, but who cares. It’s en ebay item (from china). Maybe they stole the pic , they didn’t want to get busted so they thought doing that would help for copyright issues (I know that’s most likely not the reason), maybe it’s something else, but I don’t think it’s polemic worthy and certainly doesn’t deserve a blog page about it. I mean the whole polemic/issue about the bad photoshopping is more about making people look a lot skinnier , therefore settings somewhat unachievable standards for easily influenced/impressed people and whatnot. I’m not into that particular debate because I don’t partake into these kind of drastic editing, but I can understand is as being a debate. Had you found that outside of ebay, on a professional photographer’s website or magazine, then I’d be concerned.

    | |
  8. Jim Johnson

    I can’t figure out what they were trying to do either….

    A big thumbs up for all the Photoshop tutorials at Phlearn. Aaron Nace’s style is very specific, but his tutorials are some of the most comprehensive out there. For beginners, the free ones can’t be beat. Even old hands like me (I’ve been with Photoshop since PS5) can learn something from them.

    | |
  9. Kim Farrelly

    I’ve just googled that image and the original one looks great. I’m all in favour of utilising Ps to create imagery & yes, perhaps the Photoshop license should be spelt with a c.

    | |
  10. Ipek Amdahl

    I can’t even figure out what they were trying to do with the photoshop!

    | |
    • Hanssie

      Maybe she had a huge pimple on her chin? You got me on the finger…

      | |