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Thermobooth: The Best Party Accessory & Kissing Photo Booth

By Kishore Sawh on December 25th 2013

This past year has seen a resurrection of photo booth use. Once a staple at public attractions, they are now a party favorite for birthdays, house parties, and especially weddings. In a socialite culture obsessed with picture making and selfies, the photo booth provides an ideal environment to blend the two in a fun way. After all, it’s a perfect place to steal a kiss and the photo will endure even if the romance does not. Sometimes though, people need a little encourangement and the Thermobooth is the antidote to sterile, boring photos. Why? Because it’ll only take a photo when you kiss, or make skin contact. If the two don’t touch the camera will not operate. It’s genius! (video and photos below)


The brainchild of Talia Radford & Jonas Bohatsch, two designers hailing from Vienna, Thermobooth, “combines a more human based interaction with electronics, a high-tech OLED mirror that acts as a flash and display, conductive pompons and thermal printing technology into a photo studio setting.” It uses a rather innovative shutter release system which requires you to touch to create a ‘circuit’ recognized by the special carpetting you must stand on in front of the camera. It’s simple in theory and uncluttered in design. Radford and Bohatsch have elegantly hidden a mound of technology under a beautiful veneer of modern design and fun. The design is very open which make your antics viewable to everyone, which just promotes the fun and crazy behavior.

[REWIND: Tips for a Slow Motion Photo Booth with Hollywood Flair]



Let’s be honest for a moment. There’s no time like Christmas. But as soon as the ribbons are untied and Bing is crooning his last barritone note for the year, most are keenly anticipating the glitzy fun of New Years Eve parties. I think Thermobooth would be a brilliant addition to a NYE party, or ANY party. Sure the photos are lo-fi but that sort of adds to the fun of it all because it’s a great icebreaker and not meant to be taken too seriously. I can see this would make for some great collage of the images from the party, or to give to the object of your affection with your number. Thermobooth has made me like photo booths again, and you can rent Thermobooth now. Do it. And send me an invitation!


You can follow on with Thermobooth on the website and Facebook page. Let us know if you rent one and shot it off!

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