I recently came across this amazingly simple device called the VBag, which is essentially a mobile camera mount that will fit almost anywhere. The crazy thing is that it is literally a bag that you mold into the shape you need by sucking the air out – after which you have a sturdy camera mount.

Sounds too good to be true huh? What if I told you that even a guy like Phillip Bloom uses these things (heck even has one named after him). Proof you say? check out his demo of the product below.

While that overview gives you the general idea of the Vbag, I recently came a cross an even better review from the guys over at Film Riot. Not only does it look beautiful but it really shows you some of the extreme situations in which you can use one of these things. Check it out below.

Pretty neat huh? The only thing that really gets me is the price, why does everything have to be so darned expensive in this industry? I mean this has got to be the simplest piece of gear I have ever seen, surely its not the most expensive thing ever but given what it is $250 seems to be really steep.

That said, if you have the dough for this than I think its worth it. Such a useful and interesting piece of gear. Not only that but it stores well and could probably double as a seat if needed.  If you are interested in buying one you can checkout the vbag store here.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in a comment below.