In this day and age of what seems like endless social networks it can be a pain to find out what size images to upload for each site. Most sites have their own sizes that they utilize and as such it can be a real pain trying to figure all of that out. until now….

LunaMetrics has released this awesome infographic detailing the correct size for most of the popular social networks. This includes sites such as FAcebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Youtube and Linkedin. If you have been having trouble trying to size your image correctly then this is the image you need to check out.


Even if you think you may not need it now, i would suggest grabbing a copy of it and keeping it for reference. If you are like me I am constantly sizing and re-sizing things to be posted to social networks, this will come in very handy in trying to decide what size(s) to make a certain image.

What do you think of this infographic? Is it useful to you? Let us know in a comment below.