In this episode of the SLR Lounge Constructive Video Critique, we take a look a modernistic architectural photography, a quiet moment on the beach, a tough guy in the middle of a vineyard, and more. With each photo, we explain what works and what can be improved, as well as talk about principles of photography such as Rembrandt lighting, leading lines, long exposure HDR, and triangles in composition.

About the SLR Lounge Constructive Video Critique

The SLR Lounge Constructive Video Critique gives you, our readers, the chance to have your photos constructively critiqued by our staff as well your peers in the photography community.

Submitting an image is free and easy! All you have to do is visit the Constructive Critique section of the SLR Lounge Forum and start a thread with your image in it. Please be sure to read the rules prior to posting, and please limit to one unique image per thread. Finally, whether you are posting your images or giving critique to someone else’s, please keep all comments constructive and objective.

Today’s Constructive Video Critique

Images Featured in the Video

Vineyard Portrait by anmith88: Thread link
Vineyard Portrait by anmith88

Portrait by Igor: Thread link
Portrait by Igor

Alone in the Beach by sujithgokul: Thread link
Alone in the Beach by sujithgokul

Portland City by dretket: Thread link
Portland City by dretket

Modernistic Architectural Photo by Jan Erik Edvartsen: Thread link
Modernistic Architectural Photo by Jan Erik Edvartsen

Long Time Viewer by clckmkr: Thread link
Long Time Viewer by clckmkr

Family Farm Pic by TreenMedia: Thread link
Family Farm Pic by TreenMedia

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