In this 7-minute “Tuesdays With Lauri”-video, I share three tips for anyone interested in organising a photoshoot in a foreign country, where one has no prior contacts. We talk about the power of social media, how we should ask people for help, and how we can and should always prepare for the worst:


Tip no:1 – Compile a list

Start your process by searching for models, makeup artists, wardrobe designers, stylists etc. The best place to look for these are Facebook, Twitter, Model Mayhem, PurplePort etc. Try to look for people who have a similar kind of artistic vision as you do, and people who you think would really be interested in working with you on the project. You need to find people who will get excited about your ideas and concepts.

Tip no:2 – Sending a message

Once you’ve compiled the list, it’s time to contact these people. When messaging these people it is important to keep their interests in mind. You have to show the person you’re messaging, what will they be getting out of this project. What value does the shoot provide them. What is the “return-of-investment”? It could be monetary compensation, it could be new amazing photographs for their portfolios etc.

The point is to forget about yourself, and your own “agenda” – and try to present the person you’re messaging, with an idea/project, that will get them excited, and will add value to their own lives, and professional careers.

Tip no:3 – Be flexible

Like I say in the video, it’s important to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. We as photographers should always act as problem-solvers, and this is even more important when organising a shoot in a foreign country, where you really can’t control all the variables. Try to predict the things that could go wrong, and prepare for the worst. Make sure to build a team large enough, so that if someone cancels at the last minute, your shoot won’t be ruined.


These were the three biggest lessons I learned while organising my own personal conceptual shoot in London. I hope you guys enjoyed the article, and as always, if you have any further questions, please leave a comment down below, (or message me on Facebook), and I will do my best to answer all of your questions. Thank you! :)