When importing your images into Lightroom, one of the most important things to do is to ensure that all of your metadata is applied during your import. Having your metadata set up inside Lightroom is a great way to not only protect your images but it is also an easy way to help market you and your work.

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What Is Metadata?

On import, make sure the setting “Apply During Import” is selected and that Metadata is turned on. By clicking on “New” in the Metadata dropdown menu, you are now able to create your own metadata preset which will include all of your information (name, city, country, phone, website, email, etc.) in your images. All of this is important to include as any potential client that is looking at your image and clicks into the information of your photo will be able to view all the information and get in contact with you, the person who made the photo. You may also select the option that allows you to label your image as “Copyrighted” but please note that your image is not legally copyrighted until you have submitted your images to your country’s copyright office.

Adding Captions to Your Metadata

This is the one marketing tip that I feel makes incorporating metadata incredibly essential. Adding captions into your metadata is probably one of the most fundamental things you can do as a photographer to market your images. When adding captions into the Metadata preset, you are essentially being able to automatically put your business name and link into the caption of any image your client chooses to upload onto their Facebook or any other image sharing platform. This will not only market for you but also eliminate the occurrence of clients not providing credit on the images they upload. If you would like to incorporate captions into your photos after you’ve already imported into Lightroom, all you would have to do is select your desired images and simply go into the Library module, click on the “Metadata” menu, and select your desired metadata preset.



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