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The Nikon D600 Has Sensor Dust Issues

By fotosiamo on October 23rd 2012

Ruh Roh.

Looks like the hot new Nikon D600 is already facing a potential problem. Roger Cicala from is reporting that dust kept on reappearing with the 20 D600s that have been rented recently. Although dust can be fairly common, what LensRental noticed is that not only was this consistently happening, but it was generally happening in the upper-left 1/3 of the sensor.

D600 Dust 1

Roger said that the spots are dust specs, and not oil, but there are other photographers who are getting oil spots in their D600s, too.

Roger also said that the potential culprit may be the larger-than-usual shutter curtain opening compared to other Nikon cameras.


Is this going to be a bigger issue worthy of a Nikon recall?

To learn more about this phenomenon, as well as to see which serial number are affected, be sure to read Roger Cicala’s article on D600 Sensor Dust Issues

(Via PetaPixel)


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  1. fifi

    Nikon Europe & Nikon Japan take the Piss and need to take ownership and admit that they have a problem and not leave the customer me/us waiting.  I have recently spent over £5000 on this camera and new glass, buyer beware or a fool and his money are easily parted.

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  2. Beffy

    Nikon Europe are playing fast and loose about the sensor oil/dust problems, they will not pass the problem back to Nikon Japan, they tell me that they are not allowed to escalate this issue, what are they trying to hide?

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  3. Peterallen6969

    Jeff Fieger is looking into a call action lawsuite against Nikon for respopnding in a fraudulent manner in denying a major product defect. 248-355-5555 if you wish to join the suite leave name and number.

    | |
    • Kinkyjoey4u

      Yes he is working on a class action law suite as we speak. I spoke with his office and the have a private investagative team working on legal action in Federal Court.

      | |
  4. Rjsimages

    I have had the D600 a short time and very soon without changing lenes, dust and blothces were appearing on the leftside of the sensor. As the camera  is under warranty, the senso  was cleaned. That was 2 weeks ago, and the problem has arisen again. I have emailed Nikon UK to do the honourable thing to announce a D600 recall.

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  5. Bryan H.

    I bought the new D600 as soon as it arrived on the shelfs and I have dust spots.  I couldn’t figure out what was going on, since I don’t change the lens and now it all makes sense after reading this.  So disappointed.  

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  6. Leonardo Acquisti

    Mine Nikon D600 has the problem, too!
    why don’t we try to reach a significant number of people with this problem and report it to Nikon?
    sign and share… please

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  7. Jkmin1

    I had the oil spots on the D600 in the left upper corner.  I returned to the vendor and asked them to hold on for a while before sending me the replacement.

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  9. Kstoohs

    Had my D600 for a month now and no dust issues so far, but I’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks!

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  10. Rob Goldberg

    I had mine 2 days and had a SIGNIFICANT amount of dust on the sensor. Couldn’t believe it. Cleaned it myself, but not happy that I had to do that so quickly and wondering how long it will stay clean.

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  11. Bogdan

    Can’t use Nikon and recall in the same sentence.

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