IMG_0556As photographers and filmmakers we have this driving desire to tell stories. And we all have our dream project. The one project that tops our bucket list – something that we have a burning need to create, the one project that keeps us up passionately planning in the wee hours of insomnia laden nights. So, what’s stopping you? Time? Fear? Lack of gear? Lack of money?

Well then, here’s your opportunity. All you need is an idea.

The Music Bed has just announced #ProjectFilmSupply. It’s a chance for filmmakers to get the resources to see their dream short film idea come to life. The filmmakers pitch their idea and get votes. The top three ideas will split a prize package of goodies worth $50,000 and have the opportunity to make that dream project a reality. The Music Bed will pick the grand prize winner and your adoring fans will vote for the other 2 winners.


The Music Bed is a company that you might have heard of. They provide the royalty free music you might have heard on some of our SLR Lounge YouTube videos. We’ve also featured some of their eclectic artists, such as Lights & Motion here.

You can read more about the contest on The Music Bed‘s website or watch the video below.

So what are you waiting for? Go submit your idea, rally your raving fans to vote and make that dream film a reality!

And feel free to comment below if you submitted, so we can check out your idea and vote for your dream idea!