Beautiful Gear and DIY generally do not mix, lets be honest and admit that 80% of DIY gear builds look like crap. Function is the most important aspect of a DIY project for most people, how the thing looks is near the end of the list.

That was simply not the case for this awesomely beautiful DIY camera stabilizer built specifically for the Canon 7D. The ability to build this one on your own may be out the the realm most of us are comfortable with, but you cannot deny that it has got to be one of the prettiest DIY builds you have ever seen. No duct tape, No PVC, No Wood or other materials usually indicative of DIY builds, this project is metal and has the look of a professional stabilizer. Check it out below:

stabilizer1 stabilizer2

Pretty gorgeous huh? Now check out this awesome behind the scenes video that comes along with it. It has got to be one of the best DIY behind the scenes videos that I have ever seen. Take a look below.

[via DIY Photography]