We all know at least one kid that practically lives on a smartphone or tablet. The younger generations have no concept of life before Facebook and Instagram and the cherry-picked alternate reality that comes along with them. What effect does growing up in cyberspace have on how millennials behave IRL? (That’s “in real life” in millennial-speak – terminology that can only exist in today’s culture where lines blur between the cyber and physical worlds.)

Comedian John Crist has created a satirical take on what could be a potential result in a short video of an imagined marriage proposal between two members of the social media generation.

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It’s pretty common to hire a photographer for candid proposal photos, but what if a moment meant for two (with a hired observer recording for posterity, of course) was hijacked by the one meant to be surprised? Is it too big of a stretch to think that maybe the person being proposed to might jump into director mode, micromanaging moments to make sure they’re epically share-worthy, while sabotaging the very experience being documented for the people for whom it should have the most meaning?

What is more important, the experience itself or the record of the experience? The way it feels, or the way it looks? Might the answer to this question vary based on the age of the person asked? For those accustomed to validating their existence by the number of “likes” their social media content receives, answering this question could require some soul-searching, bewildering to those who have significant life experience in the time before the internet took over our worlds.

But hey, the drive to share milestones online offers some job security for creative professionals, at least. There’s always a silver lining.