Profoto makes some of the highest quality equipment that a photographer can make use of, everything from lightstands to monolights and power supplies. Have you ever found yourself wondering what goes on behind the scenes? Who actually comes up with these products ideas and see them through the development process?


Profoto released a very interesting interview today on their blog with project manager Anton Falk, the man behind the scenes (so to speak) at Profoto. In the interview Anton talks about how the team gets their ideas and chooses what to produce as well as the process that each idea goes through from inception to production.

It’s all a very interesting look into what goes on behind the scenes at Profoto. I personally love to read about the goings on behind the scenes at companies whose products that I know and love (I don’t own any profoto myself but I have loved it whenever I have had the opportunity to use them). You can check out the article for yourself over on the Profoto blog.