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The Making of “Becoming an Athlete” by Max Riché

By Lauri L. on December 17th 2012

In the beginning of this year, a french photographer called Max Riché contacted the French National Sports Institute (INSEP) and asked them to team up with him for a photoshoot. The response from INSEP was unanimous, and they decided to carry out the project. The aim of the project was to represent the journey of athletes, some aspiring, some already well established, from the start of their training to the highest levels of performance:

Now, about a year later, Max has received two prestigious awards for this photo series (EISA Maestro Photographer of the Year France, and the EISA Maestro Silver Award, Europe, 2012-2013) and published a behind the scenes video that explains everything that they did in the photoshoot.

Check it out:

And here are the final images, once more:

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Lauri Laukkanen is one of the youngest established advertising photographers in Finland. At the ripe age of 21 he has already been working with some of the biggest commercial clients and his photos have been featured in the media, all around the world. Check out his portfolio here.

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  1. mellifluousnegro

    I wonder what camera settings were used for this image to create the slow shutter motion blur yet maintaining the sharpness at the end of the end of the movement. Anyone know how?

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