Location photography is all about timing. You’ve got to know the precise position of the sun when scouting the location for your next shoot—where it sits in relation to any buildings or mountains at sunrise or sunset. Preferably, you probably want to know these details before you actually get to the location. If this sounds like you, then you need to get this app!

How to Use Google Earth Pro the RIGHT Way

Tony & Chelsea Northrup just released a new video on how to use Google Earth Pro the RIGHT way.

Yes, we know, Google Earth has been around for a long time, but from what Tony shows us in the video, there is so much that we don’t know about this powerhouse of a Mac and PC app. And yes, we know there are apps like Sun Seeker and Dark Sky to help with tracking the positioning of the sun. But Google Earth does so much more than sun tracking. For instance, Tony uses Google Earth to track weather information for the day of the shoot. He uses it for the visual information it provides as well, giving him the ability to get a rough idea of image composition in the area he’ll be shooting.

Tony covers all of this in the video above and more. He shows just how much information we as photographers might be leaving on the table if we don’t install this app on our machines. Who has ever spent weeks planning a photoshoot and driving over an hour to the location only to arrive and find that the magic hour is being blocked out by marine layer. It’s not a fun situation for any photographer!

So check out the video above and get Google Earth Pro (FOR FREE) and discover what this amazing well-known app can do for you!