Now in its 7th year of the running, Imagely has decided to one-up all the previous years by adding a second $5,000 grant for photographers! This time around the grants will go to one environmental photography and one humanitarian photography project. The grants totaling $10,000 are open through August 2nd, 2019* to both professional and emerging photographers in any country!

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The grant season offers the Imagely team an incredible chance to check out the amazing work of photographers around the globe. Each year we are inspired by, and learn from these photo stories. Whether it’s documenting wars or natural disasters, spotlighting injustices and inequalities, or highlighting issues in conservation, we feel incredibly honored to witness the impact that powerful imagery has to evoke positive change.

“I believe in the profound positive impact of photography on the world,” says Erick Danzer, founder and CEO of Imagely. “A single great image can move people and capture the urgency of a crisis. I also know firsthand how hard it can be to fund worthy causes that have no immediate commercial value. We started the Imagely Fund to support photographers who are undertaking important projects that can move the needle of public awareness for major humanitarian or environmental issues.”

At the completion of the project, the grant winners’ images will be displayed as photo essays on the Imagely blog.

Past Winners

Past winners and top finishers can be found at the Imagely Fund page. Previous winners include Giles Clarke, 2017/2018; Ed Kashi, 2014/ 2015; Alex Masi, 2013; Peter DiCampo, 2012; Paul Colangelo, 2011; and Mark J. Davis, 2010.

Imagely Fund Applications

Interested in applying to be 2019’s Imagely Fund Fellow? You’ll need an online portfolio showing off your photo storytelling talents and a one-page personal statement (it will include a link to your portfolio, a short bio, a brief project description, an estimated budget, and info on any location-specific training, preparations, and partnerships).

Applications are judged by their panel of distinguished reviewers which in 2019 include: Jim Brandenburg, Steve Winter, and their first female judge, Ami Vitale. The Imagely Team is immensely grateful to all of their judges, (present and past), for their commitment to giving back to the photography community despite their busy schedules with projects, books, travel, and teaching.

Learn more about the fund and process at