So the moment has come and gone like a thief in the night, and just like that the 2017 total solar eclipse is over. News of it and conversation about it has been unescapable for weeks; travel spiked in areas that would view it complete; Chris Hadfield (everyone’s favorite astronaut) waxed romantic about the event on live TV, and sales of eclipse glasses were through the roof, with some last-minuters on social saying they were harder to get hold of than ‘Yeezys’ – whatever that means…


But while the sun and moon meandered through the summer sky across a striped section of the continental US, many of us photographers either couldn’t be out there shooting it but wanted to be, or frankly just wanted to enjoy it knowing full well there would be a firehose of incredible imagery of the eclipse coming regardless. And in that vein, for those who either couldn’t see it live, chose not to, or chose to live the moment than re-live it through your pictures, we’ve collected some of the best eclipse images and videos from around Instagram to satiate, satisfy, amaze and awe inspire. Check it out and show the clever creatives some love. #Eclipse2017

*We’d be remiss not to mention that of the thousands of noteworthy images of the eclipse that will circulate, it is these first two shots, by Andrew Studer and Ronan Donovan respectively, that truly stand apart. They are, without a doubt, absolutely astonishing feats of vision and execution.

While millions experienced #Eclipse2017, only six people saw the umbra, or moon’s shadow, over the United States from space today. #nasa #sun #eclipse #international #space #station #moon #solareclipse #solar

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#thegreatamericaneclipse #eclipse #eclipse2017 #canon

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Who was able to catch the #eclipse today? It was truly a sight to behold… ??? (Regram: @alexstrohl) #outdoorliving

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