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The Google Glass Photographer | Is This Our Future?

By Christopher Lin on May 23rd 2013


In this hilarious new video, we get a glimpse of our future! Will we see people standing completely still looking at the same object for a timelapse? Will we have uncomfortably close third-wheel dance partners while we’re trying to share romantic moments? And will people crawl under our armpits while we’re playing the piano? I guess only time will tell. Enjoy the Video! Comment Below!

Credit: The Daily Grovo Presents, a division of, produced this video. Grovo is an online education platform to learn about and stay up to date on the most popular sites, apps, and online tools.

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  3. Lee Sadler

    Google Glass is going to overtake DSLR’s one day

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  4. Gerry

    … and what if a landscape (horizontal) shot won’t work and you want to shoot a portrait (vertical) image… Also, these days, if you are at that famous landmark and you want a shot of you and the wife you can hand your camera to another person and they can take your shot. With Google glasses, if I remember correctly, you cannot lend the glasses to another human or Google will disable the glasses.

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