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The Dogist | A Look At Instagram’s Most Famous Dog Photographer

By Holly Roa on August 25th 2017

Let’s be real, most of us can use a daily dose of adorable dog photos, and to get your fix look no further than dog-blogger The Dogist.

Inspired by street fashion documentary photographer The Sartorialist, Elias Weiss Friedman has built himself an Instagram empire with 2.7 million followers and counting, with new uploads gaining about 500 likes per minute by venturing the streets of NYC with a squeaky toy in hand, meeting and photographing dogs. He shares their stories along with their likeness in lovely little slices of dog-life. If you are a dog lover on Instagram and aren’t following The Dogist, you’re missing out.

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Elias has received press coverage from Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan, Today, and more, and we have discovered a fun ‘day in the life’ video by E.J. McLeavey-Fisher on National Geographic’s YouTube channel that offers some insight on when and where to find dogs in New York as we tag along with Elias and get some inside information on how he got to where he is today.

If you’ve dreamed of gaining a large Instagram following with a subject everybody loves, there are insights to be gleaned for sure.

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Elias shoots with:

All his lenses are fast primes, and those come at a cost. Of course, you don’t need top-of-the line gear to get great results – if you’ve got a Nikon D3400 or a Canon Rebel T7i and an inexpensive prime like a 50mm f/1.8 STM you’re in a good place to get started.

If you are pet photographer yourself, you will particularly like hearing about Elias’s techniques and what makes him tick as a dog photographer. Cheers to those of us who brave the drool and mud, make funny noises in public, wreck our knees crawling after canines, and love every minute of it. Watch as the documenter is documented in the video below.

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