The concept of a photobooth is nothing new, many photographers are making quite a good chunk of cash running photobooth operations or having them available as add-ons to weddings and such. The guys over at Bruton Stroube though have taken things to a whole new level with their “Slo-Mo Booth”.

At a recent Ad Industry mixer hosted by the company the studio set up a Phantom Miro High Speed camera and basically setup a slo-mo photobooth. As the party went on guests were invited to jump into the booth and have a blast. The resulting video is just hilarious and makes me wish that super slow motion cameras like the Phantom Miro were not so flipping expensive.

Checkout the video below, it’s pretty epic if I do say so myself. I could see this sort of thing being a major hit in a wedding type environment, assuming you could cover the costs (Rent ~2K/Day or Buy for 60K) of the Phantom Miro.

Bruton Stroube // Slo-mo Booth Supercut from Bruton Stroube Studios on Vimeo.



[via Laughing Squid]