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The Basics of Focus Stacking | Photoshop Tricks of the Trade

By Anthony Thurston on June 14th 2013

Stacking Focus is a post-production technique used to give your final images a depth of field that is unattainable straight out of the camera. Similar to HDR, you take multiple images and blend them together – the difference being with Focus Stacking you are blending the focus of the image rather than the exposure as you are with HDR.

[Rewind: If you are curious more about HDR you can check out our Professional HDR Workshop]


This technique is popular amongst macro and landscape photographers who want to have everything tack sharp and in focus, but simply can’t get everything within the limits of the camera/lens combination they’re using, The resulting image are absolutely gorgeous and in most cases you would be hard pressed to create something as sharp and stunning straight out of the camera.

You can checkout this great video on the basics of Focus Stacking below. In the video Gavin Hoey tells us all about focus stacking, and how to do it. It’s a great technique that is simple and produces beautiful results. Check it out.

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  1. Susannah Sofaer Kramer

    I saw this video a couple of months ago and took the idea on a June trip to the Palouse in eastern Washington. Some times successful, sometimes not so much! It helps to use Live View to select the focal points, not just guestimate, that made all the difference to the outcome.

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    […] The Basics of Focus Stacking | Photoshop Tricks of the Trade […]

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