The last day of 2015…how have you spent the last 364 days; and an even better question, how will you spend the next 365 days? We here at SLR Lounge have spent this year writing, shooting, and producing videos and tutorials (check them out here) and 2016 holds even more of the same! In fact, we’ll be rolling out some pretty cool stuff in the (very) near future to start the year off running, so be sure you stick around.

As we reflect on our crazy busy year, we’ve analyzed our most watched YouTube videos of the year and here are the top 5 for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for brand new content every week!

1. How to Get Perfect Exposures in One Shot

You can use spot metering to get the proper exposure for anything; skin, the sky, an article of clothing, or even a particular part of a scene where there’s beautiful light. Watch the video below or check out this article to learn how.

2. 6 Tips to Understanding White Balance and Color Temperature 

When you’re first starting out in photography, the terms “White Balance” and “Color Temperature” can seem alien and intimidating. Luckily, we have 6 tips for you that explain exactly what they are and how you can use them to improve your photography. Watch the video below or read the article here.

3. Getting The Perfect Shot in 10 Seconds

Pye talks about how he executed the perfect nighttime shot using pre-lighting and a little bit of planning with only a few seconds to work with. Watch the video below and read the article here to see how he did it.


4. 6 Ways to Hold a Camera for Slow Shutter Speeds and Sharp Images

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we need to slow down our shutter speed for a proper exposure. In the video below, you’ll learn six ways to hold your camera so you can get sharp images even with slow shutter speeds. Read the article here.

5. 5 Common Key Light Patterns

The key light can be very simple and very complex. The “Key” or main light is a light that most photographers are quite familiar with. But, often times we forget the reasons or typical uses for each type of key light pattern. In the video below, we will teach you 5 common key light patterns and give you situations and typical uses for each one. Read the full article here.