The TEN Collection by Fotolia is an international project featuring collaborations of five pairs of renowned artists, each pair made up of one photographer and one designer from all around the globe.

Photo via TEN By Fotolia

“Surfer In The City” is TEN Collective’s latest work made in collaboration between Paul Ripke and Nik Ainley. And the best part about it is that it’s absolutely free and available for download. Not only is this image accessible, but the PSD file of its entire creation is up for grabs for just 24 hours on the 10th of July (today!). This means that anyone who is interested could explore every detail and layer behind how the piece was made, and also use it to create their own art in response to submit to TEN Collection’s contest by the end of this month. Hefty prizes are given out to contest winners, including tablets, Adobe Suite software, and more.


There’s also a behind-the-scenes video that depicts the artists’ teamwork in brainstorming and executing their ideas, further inspiring the artists looking to their project.

More About TEN Collection

TEN Collection’s vision is to make professional level artistic resources available to all aspiring artists, both challenging and inspiring them in their own work. The TEN Collection, established in 2011, has now reached its third season and will release throughout this year the collaborative works of its artists on the 10th of every other month, from March to November.

Find out more about the TEN Collection and past collaborations on their website.