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Temperature Throw | Advanced White Balance Free Ebook Tutorial

By SLR Lounge Official on August 11th 2014

A “temperature throw” is a term that Post Production Pye started using in our studio. It refers to the technique of 1) taking one RAW image, 2) creating a virtual copy in Adobe Lightroom, 3) varying the color temperatures of the two images and 4) combining them in Adobe Photoshop CS6 to create a unique image. Of course, this brief description is an oversimplification of the process, so we’ve created a premium white balance tutorial for all of you!

But first let’s check out the before and after images.

Temperature Throw Before and After Images



Why Do a Temperature Throw?

You can use this technique in almost any situation to add interest to a scene. For example, if you take a gloomy gray sunset and throw the skies to deep blues, your image can potential become much more interesting. Or if you’re looking to create a moody indoor scene, you might choose to “temperature throw” an image to the orange side of the white balance spectrum. This is simply another powerful tool to open up your creativity.

Download the Temperature Throw Tutorial

To download this free ebook, please Click Here

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  1. Elizabeth De Luca

    It sounds and looks amazing. I’m just staring at my 4 lenses, camera body, warranty info! My brain is trying to recall the last time I heard aperture, speed, darkroom….. wait I was 13 and in class.  Fast forward two adult children, fighting rate cancer disease, point and shoot from my “smart phone.” Now I’m intrigued, scared ( odd since my physical well being has and is doing a tight rope walk daily. ) TO  Get my mind off the drab now 59 n feeling crappy  and remaining HOPEFUL.  My  artistic person wants to SEE life through the lens again! I of course want to be extraordinary, why should my disease get all the attention. I want to learn today n move like the wind. Only I’m overwhelmed by All the knowledge and I move more like a soft breeze, unlike a strong wind. My views are beautiful here on the East End of Long Island. I want to look at those views in different ways though. I want to learn this temp. Controlled stuff. Oh, where do I start. Yes, I registered for a 3 day class,but that’s in August! I bought an overly priced supposed to be for the  newbie. So after TRYING to read it this “newbie” is feeling out on a limb. Embarrassed to carry a camera not knowing what to do with it first. Maybe return the camera and cancel the class. Definitely returning the book. It scared me most it was like looking at the tiny sized manual. HELP! WHAT TO DO FIRST? BREATHING I GOT THAT. ANY HELP from someone who was or is facing this new element would be so appreciated. Yes, I purchased lenses outside of what came with my Nikon d5500 beginner dslr. Yes, I read about Bokeh. No, I don’t know how to achieve it but I know what it is. Yes I know my d’s is not a full frame camera but the pixels and how I choose to take the photo  can appear to be full frame. Yes N.Y. battery is charged. Yes, I forgot to get a memory card. Now, you can see my anxiety and memory are just not 13 anymore.?

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  2. Ahmed Samy

    Great one, Thanks:)

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  3. satnam singh

    thanks man for sharing !!!

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  4. Graham Curran

    A useful tool to be used with care.

    | |
  5. Basit Zargar


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  6. Aaron Cheney

    Very interesting

    | |
  7. Michael Moe


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  8. Rafael Steffen

    This is a great technique that I want to try out soon!

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  9. Austin Swenson

    Yeah I think I would make the blue temperature a lot more toned down because it seems a bit saturated, but I appreciate the color contrast it throws when you look at the subject.

    | |
  10. Bill Bentley

    I agree with Raoni that this example is a bit strong. But the technique is definitely useful for some images. I also use split toning from time to time. It can really make certain images come alive with color.

    | |
  11. Raoni Franco

    Sure the technique can be usefull but, MAN!! This particular result is ugly!! I think a lighter hand here would be nice. Unless you were going for a romance-retro-cience fiction-weird neon+tungsten bulb look.

    | |