A “temperature throw” is a term that Post Production Pye started using in our studio. It refers to the technique of 1) taking one RAW image, 2) creating a virtual copy in Adobe Lightroom, 3) varying the color temperatures of the two images and 4) combining them in Adobe Photoshop CS6 to create a unique image. Of course, this brief description is an oversimplification of the process, so we’ve created a premium white balance tutorial for all of you!

But first let’s check out the before and after images.

Temperature Throw Before and After Images



Why Do a Temperature Throw?

You can use this technique in almost any situation to add interest to a scene. For example, if you take a gloomy gray sunset and throw the skies to deep blues, your image can potential become much more interesting. Or if you’re looking to create a moody indoor scene, you might choose to “temperature throw” an image to the orange side of the white balance spectrum. This is simply another powerful tool to open up your creativity.

Download the Temperature Throw Tutorial

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