If you have ever used GoPro for professional uses you know that battery life can sometimes be an issue. The downside to these small little action cameras is that that means small little batteries.The other issue is that the battery is not easily removable when the camera is in use, so if you want to change out the battery that means losing time to do so.


Enter the Tehkron CagePro, a cage that allows you to power your GoPro camera with Canon LP-E6 batteries (the same used in your modern Canon DSLR) and the benefit there is that instead of ~ 1hour of recording with the basic GoPro battery you can get up to 4hours with the LP-E6. The added benefit is that the battery is also much easier to switch out so if you run through those 4 hours you can just plop in another LP-E6 and get back to shooting.

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Another added benefit of the Tehkron CagePro is the addition of a 62mm filter thread that covers your GoPro lens, opening you up to use filters with your GoPro footage. This is incredibly useful if you are needing to use ND filters to better control the shutter speed on your GoPro.

The one downside to these cages are the price, as it is with many video accessories. IF you want the benefits of extra battery life, added camera protection, additional mounting points and the ability to use standard 62mm filters its going to cost you between $150 and $180 depending on the model that you choose.

Whether or not that price is worth it to you and your production can only be answered by you. But if you ask me, I think that for some people this is a really great option for getting more work out of your GoPro camera.

If you want to check these out you can learn more about them and purchase them here (or here for the $180 model).

[via DIYPhotography]