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Tech Legends Recreate Famous 1981 Photo

By Anthony Thurston on April 4th 2013

Love Microsoft or Hate them, it is hard to deny the positive effect that the company has had on the computer industry since the introduction of MS-DOS back in the early days of personal computing. Microsoft Founders Bill Gates (26) and Paul Allen (28) posed for a photo with several IBM computers running their new MS-DOS operating system in 1981.


The Duo have gone their separate ways since this classic photo was taken. Allen left the company in 1982 after successfully beating Hodgkins Lymphoma, he officially resign his position on the board in 2000. Gates stayed with the company much longer, leaving day to day operations at the company in 2008. Both men are amongst the richest men in the World.

Recently at an event hosted at Paul Allen’s Living Computer Museum in Seattle the two came back together to recreate that classic 1981 photo. Then men are much older now, much richer, and – in my opinion – have successfully made their mark on the world in a positive way. I really love the idea of important people recreating classic photos, I think it is a neat way of “closing the circle” and showing respect for the hard work in the early days.


What other classic photos of important people would you like to see recreated? Let us know in a comment below.

[via Forbes]

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  2. Kristoffer Sandven

    Cool! Allen looks like Gates’ father in the first image :D

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  3. Riaan R Roux

    Great shot and great idea. I can actually remember those Commodore PET machines!

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  4. jenko

    bill gates badly needs a good hair stylist! =)

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  5. Chuck Prather

    Apple floppy drives… amazing..

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