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Tamron 85mm F/1.4 VC Patent Discovered


Sigma’s Art series of lenses has been the talk of prime lens lovers for the last couple years, with the last remaining ‘major’ focal length being an 85mm F/1.4. Tamron joined the premium prime lens game this year with their new SP 35mm and 45mm lenses, and if a new patent is any indication, they could be looking to one up Sigma and come out with an 85mm first.

This all comes from a new rumor report over on Canon Rumors, where the a new patent from Tamron has surfaced featuring a new 85mm F/1.4 prime lens design featuring Tamron’s image stabilization technology, VC or Vibration Compensation.

Obviously, a patent on its own means nothing, but given Tamron’s strong entry into the prime lens market in the second half of this year with their 35mm and 45mm F/1.8 lenses, a push to expand that line and keep the momentum going would not be surprising. An 85mm makes sense too; the general 35mm and 50mm focal lengths are covered in their two current offerings, and short of going wider with a 24mm or 16mm, the only other real direction is more telephoto.

That and the Sigma angle that I mentioned above. Tamron obviously knows and has heard, the same murmuring from the community for a refreshed Sigma 85mm as we have. So an opportunity to one-up their rival and come to market with a high-quality 85mm F/1.4 prime lens would be a nice feather in their cap.

An announcement would likely come towards the second half of the year, and being as this is a Photokina year, a Photokina announcement would seem the most likely. Should be interesting to see how this pans out.

Fujifilm Medium Format System Coming?


We heard directly from Fujifilm last week at their big X-Pro2 announcement event regarding their testing of medium format. It was only a matter of time until the rumors started popping up, and today we have one for you.

According to a new report over on Fuji Rumors, the story told at Fuji’s event was not the whole story. They say one of their top Japanese sources has confirmed to them that Fuji is indeed working on a medium format system and that the system has gotten the green light from upper management.

The rumor goes on, though at this point from a new anonymous source (get your salt out), to say that this new medium format system could be ready to be announced as soon as this year, likely at or around Photokina in September. If Fuji was going to make such a big announcement, Photokina is definitely the place to make it.

A new Fuji Medium Format system, priced somewhere in that $4,000 to $10,000 range would be a huge deal. Honestly, though, for me it doesn’t really get my juices flowing unless there is an even more budget option in that ~2500-3000 range (around the price of a mid-high end full frame DSLR/MILC).

But I am getting ahead of myself again. Very interested to see how this rumor shakes out over the next 6 or 7 months.

More On The X-Pro2

I am excited to get my hands on Fuji’s new X-Pro2 and look forward to sharing my thoughts on it with you. But in the meantime, I wanted to highlight some more of the initial thoughts videos coming out. This time the above video from DP Review, which offers another great look at Fuji’s next generation camera.

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