The Tamron 150-600mm has been one of the most popular lens releases of this year so far, but unfortunately, the new lens has only been available in Canon mount up to this point. That changes this upcoming Wednesday, April 30th, when Tamron officially starts shipping the Nikon mount version of the lens.



Be sure to go a pre-order your copy now, the Canon mount has been heavily backordered and is slowly getting out. If you want the new Nikon version of the lens, try and get on the pre-order list soon so you won’t get stuck waiting for the lens like I am doing for the Canon mount.

Another new product that is now (well, almost) available is the new Sony A6000, which is supposed to start shipping on Tuesday, the 29th,  of next week. This is another new product that has been getting rave reviews. The A6000 boast some of the fastest AF of any mirrorless camera on the market, making it a great option for fast movement action photography, even sports.


You can also get on the pre-order list for the A6000 in hopes of getting one before the stock dries up.

Both of these new products have the potential to be in and out of stock quickly. I recommend getting on the pre-order list ASAP if you are interested in either. If you miss the pre-order list, it could be a month or even longer before these lenses are in stock in stores with enough regularity to easily find one.