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Taking the Plunge | Engagement Shoot Rescue

By Jules Ebe on July 6th 2013


Young couple Becki Salmon and her fiancé, Matt Werner, were taking engagement photos by a creek outside Philadelphia when a 5-year-old boy fell into the water. Salmon, a trained lifeguard, leapt to rescue him. Their photographer Ken Beerger, who also happened to be a trained first responder, captured all of it on camera.

“I turned to look just to see his little head bobbing under the water and apparently, according to my friend and my photographer, I pushed my fiancé out of the way and ran.”


The budding bride-to-be waded into the silt-filled creek without a second thought; the boy’s mother right on her heels.

With experience as a lifeguard and paramedic, Salmon understood that if the boy disappeared entirely under the surface of the mirky water, he could have drowned before being found, especially with rain-swollen currents. It only takes a few seconds to become lost or carried away.


Once on shore, Werner, an EMT, Beerger, a trained paramedic, and Salmon inspected the boy to make sure he was breathing properly. The little boy is okay thanks to Salmon’s instinctual response.

After the chaos, Salmon stated that:

“If I would have had my wedding dress on, that’s what I would have been in the water in.”


ABC News Shares the Story

Talk about an engagement session to remember.

All images © Ken Beeger

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[via ABC News]


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  1. Waltnetto

    Wait :: a woman named Salmon jumped into a creek and fished a boy out ! Job well done! is my comment and thankfully she was there considering the circumstances.

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  2. St.Clair Newbern III

    Wow !!!! That is a great very nice to see some good news for a change.

    | |
  3. Woman Saves Young Boy From Drowning During Her Engagement Photo Shoot

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  4. Michael Larkin

    Might I be the first to say well done, you displayed calm and action which is what it takes to be a hero. good luck on your wedding day, oh I do hope its no where near water.

    | |