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Take Care Of Your Gear (The Photo Snob Way) – DigitalRev

By Paul Faecks on June 8th 2014

DigitalRev is back with a super serious video (not really). In typical DigitalRev tongue -in cheek-style, Ultrasonic Dragon 88, a guest presenter (someone completely else than Kai, but looks exactly like him),  will show you how to take care of your gear the photo snob way. Although some of the tips might seem silly, they all make sense (to a certain extent). For example, touching your lens is really not a good idea at all…

Enjoy this short, Humorous video!


Here are some of my favorites:

Tip #1 Use an UV filter. Or Two…

ALWAYS put an UV filter in front of your lens. And because good UV filters are expensive, you should screw a second, cheaper UV filter in front of your lens to protect the more expensive filter. (Actually you should never ever do that because you will have to deal with a lot of vignetting and it will decrease the overall image quality and sharpness).

Tip #2 Protect Your Screen

It’s a proven fact that 99% of scratches come from scratchy things.

Because scratchy things tend to leave scratches on your screen you should protect your screen with a display protection foil.

Some “professional” screen protection

Tip #3 Always Turn Your Camera Off

NEVER leave your camera in standby mode. Always turn it off if you’re not using it, even if you want to shoot in two seconds again. You can just turn it on again. This way you can save a lot of power…

Tip #4 Never Touch the Lens with Your Fingers

This one is actually pretty useful because you always have dirt, oil and sweat on your fingers and you don’t want any of them on the glass of your lens. So don’t touch it with your fingers! Use a microfiber cloth or an air blower to clean your lens instead.

What do you think about these tips? Do you have other “photo snob” tips to add? Feel free to leave them in the comments below.

[via DigitalRev, images via screencaps]


Paul Faecks is a portrait- and fine art photographer, based in Berlin. If you want to check out his latest work, you can do so by following him on Instagram or by liking his Facebook Page

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  1. Andrew Van Arb

    pretty comical, Kai is such a smart ass sometimes (In a good way).

    | |
  2. Kurk Rouse

    I’ve done tip 2-4 but never #1

    | |
  3. Jacob Jexmark

    Amusing video, as usual per DRTV :)

    | |
  4. Tyler Friesen

    I am actually a big fan of his videos

    | |
  5. kev

    For the tip to turn off the camera, I did that when I was in SA and I noticed that it suck the power of battery, on/off each time (no electricity, just a solar system to recharge once a week). If I turned on/off it drain 3 or 4%. after that I let the camera on each time I was outdoor, and it saved me some pics, I did 4hr with just 15% power.

    And with humidity where I live it’s not a bad thing too, I’ve seen too many camcorder of my father die because of it.
    Just my experience.

    | |