When Mother Nature and Photoshop Collide | Wildlife Composites by John Wilhelm

Many of us photographers love to shoot, but really loathe the post processing. Being in front of a glaring computer screen, editing for hours upon endless hours seems torturous for some. For John Wilhelm, a self proclaimed, “Photoholic,” the process from image to Photoshop to final product takes about 5 hours per photo and is so addicting that he goes through withdraws if he doesn’t go through the process for more than 2-3 days.


6 Tips for Shooting Deer, With Your Camera

It is coming up on deer hunting season in my neck of the woods, but I wanted to talk to you all about hunting deer for a purpose other than for eating. I enjoy getting out into the wild and interacting with the animals, deer being one of my favorites to encounter. I just wanted to share some tips that I have picked up during my exploits as a wildlife photographer.

Gear Reviews

First look at Sample D7100 Images

Chances are if you are looking to upgrade your DX Nikon camera you have been anxiously awaiting some more details on the soon to be available D7100. Well, while scouring the web today I came across the first hand account of using two D7100’s while shooting Black Sea Turtles by wildlife photographer Moose Peterson.