24 Jan 2020
Gear Reviews

Comparing the Nikon 300mm 2.8G VRII with the Nikon 300mm F4

I had the opportunity to shoot with the beastly Nikkor 300mm 2.8G VRII lens this week. The local camera shop, Focalpoint Photography, has started a rental service and I was able to get the lens at a great dray rate of only $30. The reason I needed the 300 2.8 was that I was going to a night game for the Portland Thorns, and I was pretty sure that the 300 F4 I own was not going to cut it.

Gear Reviews

New Live “Bullet Time” effect coming soon to Sporting Events near You

Who doesn’t love a good bullet time effect, whether it be like the original Matrix effect or more recent renditions like the Lightspin project. The unique perspective and ability to see a single subject form multiple angles in the same video clip is always very cool to see. The problem with the “Bullet Time” effect has always been the long post processing time needed to stitch the videos together.


The Strategy of Sports Shooting: Softball

Softball season is almost over where I am from, which means that the playoffs are coming around. If you have kids in Softball then you are likely going to be trying hard to get great shots of your children during the playoffs. Today I wanted to share some strategy tips for planning out your sports shoot to give you maximum coverage.

Shooting Tips

Freezing Motion with High Shutter Speed

Aperture is usually the control that people use creatively, while the shutter speed is the workhorse of the two. But in reality, you can use shutter speed to freeze and convey motion. For this first part on shutter speed, we will be focusing on how to improve your fast shutter speed technique to freeze motion.