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13 Aug 2022


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Flash Photography

How to Shoot a Great Portrait in Direct Sunlight Using Speedlights

This awesome video tutorial comes from the folks of The Slanted Lens. Jay P. Morgan will show you how he put together a shoot for a world famous trick roper. He created two different looks; For the first look he froze the motion of the rope, for the second look he blurred the rope by dragging his shutter speed. He further lit his subject with a speedlight in a portable Photoflex softbox.

News & Insight

Von Wong Shoots Epic Ballerinas in Smoke!

World traveller and photographer-extraordinaire Benjamin Von Wong continued his series with the National Slovak Theatre. This time, Ben and the dance company went indoors into an empty theater and brought along a portable fog machine to add the drama. Add some edgy rim lights and exquisite lines and shapes from the dancers, and you have yourself some epic images.