25 Jan 2020
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Is Canon’s New Dual Pixel Sensor a Game Changer?

As we touched on briefly a few days back, Canon’s new 70D is coming out with a brand new Dual Pixel sensor, Canon is labeling the new technology a Game Changer. The new sensor captures images in a way that is unlike previous CMOS sensors, and the benefits to AF during video capture are amazing… at least that is what Canon wants us to believe. But is this new technology really Game Changer status?

Current Events

Official: Sony Invests $630 million USD in Olympus, earns 11.5% voting shares

INDUSTRY – One of the big industry news that occured within the last few days is Sony’s investment in Olympus. The electronic giant is set to invest 50 billion yen or $630 million USD in Olympus. The initial collaboration will be aimed towards part-sharing and cost-saving, as well as with compact cameras. But considering that the Olympus OM-D already has a Sony sensor, it’s not too far-fetched to see more collaboration with each company’s interchangeable camera system.

Sony Full Frame NEX by Alpha Corner
Gear & Apps

Sony to Develop Full Frame NEX Camera!

It is only inevitable that the next revolution in MILC (Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera) will be a full-frame mirrorless camera, or at least one that doesn’t have the brand Leica attached to it. There is a good chance that the full-frame sensor will be a variant of the Sony-derived Nikon D800 sensor. If this last speculation is going to be true, then the full-frame NEX should be a very strong contender in the semi-pro market. Stay tuned for more news!