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25 May 2022




Phottix Announces New Collapsible Beauty Dish

Beauty Dishes are great light modifiers, their only disadvantage is their size. They can be rather large in most cases and can be a pain to travel with, their shape does not lend well to fitting in tight places. But have no fear, Phottix has released a new collapsible Beauty Dish that aims to remedy that problem and make travel and storage of the dish much easier.

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Comparing Speedlight Umbrella Softboxes

If you are like me and do not have the luxury of a dedicated studio space then you likely use speedlights for your artificial lighting needs. One of the best modifiers for any sort of artificial light are softboxes. The problem with standard softboxes is that they can be a pain to setup and not very speedlight friendly. A great alternative to your standard softboxes are these Umbrella Softboxes, another plus is that they are designed to be used with speedlights.