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29 Sep 2022

photo of the day

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Wedding Reception Panorama – How We Shot It

Yesterday I shared a portrait of a couple at sunset and we talked about why I decided to go with a single exposure and create a dramatic silhouette look, instead of going nuts with wireless flash or HDR techniques. Today’s image is a similar situation: I like these shadows deep and, okay let’s be honest they’re totally pitch black! I think it absolutely works for this scene.


Beach Silhouette Wedding Portrait – How We Shot It

Here is an example of when to just let shadows do what they do best: be dark and moody! With all the excitement about HDR photography these days, and the incredible dynamic range that cameras have now, often times we can get caught up in the pursuit of achieving perfectly exposed details in every corner of our images. I don’t know about you, but I find it ironic that nowadays people might consider it “thinking outside the box” to capture a good old-fashioned silhouette!


US Navy Blue Angels – How We Shot It

Shooting air shows is the best situation (actually, the only) I shoot in for demonstrating the use of shutter priority mode. People often think that shutter priority is what you use to shoot fast action because you want to dictate a very fast shutter speed, when in fact most action sports photographers get the same result by simply shooting in aperture priority with their aperture wide open.


Engagement Portrait Under the Stars – How We Shot It

To get a photo of two people in such a condition requires a fair amount of skill at holding still, combined with as high of an ISO and as fast of an aperture as you can manage. In this situation, I did not have f/2.8 or f/1.4 at my disposal, in fact for sharpness on this lens I found myself at f/4. This put me at ISO 3200 and a 1-second exposure, and even then the histogram was entirely empty on the right-hand half. (Meaning, 2-3 stops under-exposed)