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Engagement Portrait Under the Stars – How We Shot It

To get a photo of two people in such a condition requires a fair amount of skill at holding still, combined with as high of an ISO and as fast of an aperture as you can manage. In this situation, I did not have f/2.8 or f/1.4 at my disposal, in fact for sharpness on this lens I found myself at f/4. This put me at ISO 3200 and a 1-second exposure, and even then the histogram was entirely empty on the right-hand half. (Meaning, 2-3 stops under-exposed)


Swans at Sunrise – How We Shot It

Here’s a great example of two things: serendipity, and very fast lens changing! Just like how yesterday’s “photo of the day” was a great example of not seeing the forest for the trees, today’s photo of the day is all about knowing when to zoom in on a single subject even if the wide angle scene is catching your eye.