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27 Jan 2023




New Patent Reveals A Reimagined Nikon 1 Design

The Nikon mirrorless camera offering has been, to put it lightly, not going as well as Nikon would like. Both of their Nikon 1 models, the J and V series have both been performing under expectations. Despite this, Nikon has said that they are committed to their mirrorless line, and a new patent shows that they may be looking to recapture some magic with familiar branding.


New Nikon Patent for Electronic Optical Low Pass Filter

Nikon has filed a new patent in Japan for an electrically controlled Optical Low Pass Filter, which you would be able to turn on or off via camera menus or buttons. In case you are unaware, an Optical Low Pass Filter or OLPF is also known as an anti-aliasing filter, basically these try to prevent things like moire from getting into your images or video. The downside to having these filters is that they can impact the sharpness of your images.