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18 May 2022




Spinpod brings motion controlled panorama and timelapse to mobile phones | Kickstarter Highlight

Spinpod is a new Kickstarter project from Los Angeles based Zhiping Chen and Daniel Aharoni, and it is designed to be the go to tool for motion controlled timelapse and panoramas on mobile phones and small action cameras. The team put together this informational video that tells you all about the device, so check it out and we can talk more after the video.

Tips & Tricks

How to Get an Awesome Panoramic Photo

Taking panoramic photos is a fun and popular way to take widescreen photos of scenic landscape and architecture. The most important aspect of panoramic photo, however, is getting the best shots on camera. If you don’t take your time to set up your shots right, it will be difficult and sometimes almost impossible to fix it in post. Here is a checklist of what you should do in order to get the best panoramic shots.