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23 Sep 2021




A Look Through My Lens

I had the pleasure this last weekend of being able to spend some time working with a few models, something that I admit is one of my weaker photography skills. But you can only get better with practice, so I took the weekend and paid a few professional traveling models to come shoot with me.

Photo Editing

How I Shot It: “MEMENTO” | Tuesdays With Lauri

In this weeks instalment of Tuesdays with Lauri, we are going to be taking a behind the scenes look at my latest photograph, titled Memento. In the above video, we’ll go over the location scouting process, as well as talk a little bit about my vision and concept for the image. And to finish off, we’ll take a look at the lighting setup that I used during the photoshoot.

Tips & Tricks

How You Shot it: Adrienna by Reynaldo Vento

On location photoshoots are great because even if you don’t have anything specific in mind, you can use your surroundings to create some interesting shots. Take a look at how Reynaldo Vento created two different style from the same general location and check out the different post-processing approach that he used for each image.