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29 Oct 2020




Leica’s Triple Barrage & Apple Special: The Leica M, M-E, and S

Leica released not one, but three high-end cameras in Photokina, the M-E, the M, and the new S. Out of the three, the new M is the most revolutionary since it is the first Leica M series to use a CMOS sensor instead of a CCD sensor. The M-E is a stripped down version of the older M9. The S is the new and improved medium format camera. Finally, Jonathan Ives of Apple is designing a one-off limited ed. of the M for charity


Sony to Develop Full Frame NEX Camera!

It is only inevitable that the next revolution in MILC (Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera) will be a full-frame mirrorless camera, or at least one that doesn’t have the brand Leica attached to it. There is a good chance that the full-frame sensor will be a variant of the Sony-derived Nikon D800 sensor. If this last speculation is going to be true, then the full-frame NEX should be a very strong contender in the semi-pro market. Stay tuned for more news!