28 Jan 2020
Gear Reviews

Leica: Is it really worth the price tag?

No doubt if you have been into photography for any amount of time you have heard of the Leica and the expensive price tag that the name demands. I, like most of you, have never even touched a leica but I assumed the image quality and features were top notch for such a price. That was until I saw these latest rankings courtesy of DxOMark in which the Leica M9, M9 P, and M-E Typ 220 earned really bad scores when compared to other DSLRs.

Gear Reviews

Trend from Photokina: Full-frame Goes Mainstream

One of the noticeable trend in this year’s Photokina is the number of smaller and lighter full-frame sensor cameras that are introduced. Yes, full-frame cameras are nothing new, but typically, they are prosumer and professional spec cameras that are often large and heavy. Now, companies are innovating cameras that are smaller and more mobile, but still have a full-frame sensor. And that is great news for us.

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Leica’s Triple Barrage & Apple Special: The Leica M, M-E, and S

Leica released not one, but three high-end cameras in Photokina, the M-E, the M, and the new S. Out of the three, the new M is the most revolutionary since it is the first Leica M series to use a CMOS sensor instead of a CCD sensor. The M-E is a stripped down version of the older M9. The S is the new and improved medium format camera. Finally, Jonathan Ives of Apple is designing a one-off limited ed. of the M for charity